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Welcome - Note: The weather station will be offline for 2 weeks

   We are the Roske's..Joe (KD8CAP) and Angela (KD8FJF). Joe was first licensed in August of 2005. I became interested in Amateur Radio after talking to Doug(KI4JPR) and Malcom(KI4IME), 2 of my co-workers and now friends. I also spoke to Lonny (KI4EED) at one of my gas station I was delivering to, heightening my curiousity.

   After studying for about 3 weeks I passed my Technician test. My wife on the other hand studied for one day and was ready for the test. After over a year of nagging her, she took and passed her Tech test in Feb 2007, the same day I upgraded to General Class. We both have plans on studying and making it to Extra.


   We presently reside in Princeton, WV. We have 3 awesome kids who keep us both busy. Derek, 11; Nick,7; and Rebecca, 3... Derek is gaining interst in the hobby and hopes to study and pass his Tech test by the end of summer.

    Our modest station consists of a Kenwood TS-2000, an Ameritron ATR-20 antenna tuner,an 80m dipole (which I am still fine tuning), a 2m/440 dual band base antenna, and two Kenwood D700A dual band radios. I run an APRS station under my wife's call thru the computer using UI-View and the built in TNC in the TS-2000.  I recently installed 1 of the D700's in my Pontiac Montana..No GPS (Yet..). The other D700 is in our '01 

    I have recently added a LaCrosse 2310 weather station and a HP Pavillion 4458 computer for the weather station and UI-View. This system is stand alone and updates my weather site every 15-30minutes. The software for the weather station is Weather-Display and trial version can be downloaded from www.weather-display.com.




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Future Additions to our Station!!!

   I have alot of future upgrades that I want to implement. After the 80m dipole is perfected I am going to build a 20m vertical for DXing.

   I have installed an Ameritron ATR-20 Antenna Tuner and an Ameritron AL-811H with my TS-2000.  I wanted to go legal limit but was lacking funds.

   I have added a weather station and a dedicated computer for the weather station.. See "What's New" for more info.

   This fall I want to install a couple of Street Pilot III Gps's to complete the D700 package. Hopefully all this will happen this fall.

    Next year I would like to do either add a Kenwood TS-480 to the Pontiac Montana.  Everything takes time and MONEY.... Can you tell I am HOOKED on Kenwood!!!

Update 3/11/2007